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Migraine in America 2018

Migraine: Then and Now The first Migraine In America survey was conducted in 2012. Looking back at those results compared to those from 2018, we found a lot of similarities as well as some differences. While we cannot confirm that any of the survey participants were the same in 2012 and 2018, the number of participants has […]

7 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Smoking, diabetes, and high blood pressure can take a toll on your brain. Here are things that can help.   The condition of your blood vessels may determine a lot about the health of your brain, according to new research.Researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that a variety of factors including smoking, high blood […]

3 Steps to Finding your Ideal Therapist

In this article it is my intention to give you 3 actionable steps to finding your ideal therapist. Success in therapy relies more on your connection with the therapist than anything else. If you trust the person leading you, successfully completing therapy is in your grasp. “I’ve tried therapy before and it does not work” […]

Sleep loss can turn us into social outcasts

When we sleep poorly, we may feel less inclined to participate in social activities. Now, researchers have found evidence that being sleep-deprived can not only make us less sociable, but it can also prevent our peers from seeking us out. Poor sleep can render us more unsociable and isolated, researchers warn. Sleep deprivation can contribute to […]

Diabetes: Could muscle strength lower risk?

Many people worldwide have type 2 diabetes, a metabolic condition in which the body cannot properly regulate blood sugar levels. Experts already know that lack of physical activity can contribute to the risk of diabetes, but what type of exercise might lower it? Recently, researchers have been looking into the effects of exercise on the […]

A list of the best high-protein snacks

Many people turn to protein snacks to avoid hunger between meals. However, some snacks are more nutritious and less likely than others to damage a person’s health if eaten regularly. If chosen carefully, snacks can have good nutrients without containing substances that can cause a person harm. Also, it is important to choose a variety […]

27 Benefits Of Exercising With Asthma

27 Benefits Of Exercising With Asthma One of the greatest ironies of having asthma is that most of us have Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). Some of us spend lots of time indoors to avoid outdoor allergens. Some of us have poorly controlled or severe asthma. Yet, we’re all told that we need to exercise anyway. What’s the deal? Well, […]

Sleep apnea may stop you from forming life memories

Sleep apnea may stop you from forming life memories New research suggests that obstructive sleep apnea may impair a person’s ability to form meaningful memories about their personal life. Such dysfunction may, in turn, be a sign of depression, caution the researchers. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder that affects more than 18 million adults […]

Sleep is the best medicine

Sleep has been underrated as the best medicine to fight off disease say researchers working on a new study. The study titled, “Gαs-Coupled Receptor Signaling and Sleep Regulate Integrin Activation of Human Antigen-Specific T Cells,” was published this week in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.   Researchers from Germany conducted by Stoyan Dimitrov and Luciana Besedovsky […]

Physical Activity

Did you know that physical activity can be as beneficial to your heart as medication in many cases? A Johns Hopkins expert covers the powerful benefits and how you can make staying active part of your heart-protection plan.   One of the very best gifts you can give your heart is physical activity. In fact, […]