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First let us say welcome to Direct Primary Care, Boca Raton’s premier primary care provider. We do primary care differently and that’s a good thing. For example, your membership includes the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to your health care provider! That includes mobile phone calls, text messages, emails, & video conferences.
  • Generic medications at up to 90% off retail prices for members. We have a (non-narcotic) pharmaceutical dispensary in our office. That means many times you won’t need a trip to the pharmacy.
  • Lab testing at up to 90% off retail prices for members. We negotiate the best prices on lab testing services and pass those savings on to our members.
  • Most lab tests can be done in house for our members. This means no need to make a trip to a different location for most common lab tests

Frequently Asked Questions

We contact the patient directly and ask if they would like to stay on. We then transfer payment to their credit card. Most times they do 🙂

No. There is only the patient contract that they agree to at enrollment.

How to Get Started

The first thing that you need to do is enroll here if you haven’t already done so. This process allows you to put all of your information and history in to our system before your visit. Make sure to include your employer information during the enrollment process so we can process the billing correctly.

If you do not want to enroll online you can of course make an appointment to visit the office and we will assist you in the process.


Another major advantage to being a member at Direct Primary Care is the fact that we do not accept insurance payments. This is good for our members because this means that your information in our system is not reported to any insurance company. This is true privacy.


Once enrolled, it is best to go ahead and make your first appointment. Even if you are feeling fine, you should get established with your health care provider. That way if an emergency or illness occurs we already know you!.