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Welcome to DPC Boca.

Personalized patient care is what sets Direct Primary Care apart. When you visit your provider, you can expect a level of care and access reminiscent of small-town America before the advent of commercialized, impersonal medicine. We make every effort to provide same-day appointments for acute care and house calls when needed. Standard clinic visits are 30 minutes and extended visits are available when needed.

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No Co-Pays, Deductibles or Confusing Health Insurance Claims. Never again will
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Same-day or next day appointments; Virtual Appointments through our HIPPA secured App, Email, Phone or Text from Anywhere! After Hour and House Calls, when necessary.

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Prescription Medications Available On-Site at Wholesale Prices

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Low Cost Labs and Imaging Studies through Partnerships with Identified Groups

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AFTER HOURS On-Call Service Available
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Fees & Insurance

All of our fees are up front. Labs, imaging, and medications are provided at our wholesale cost. Services are discounted up to 90% in some cases. Our goal is to provide affordable care for you and your family.

We take time with our patients. We consider each patient’s individual situation when tailoring a treatment plan to meet your healthcare needs.

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    I am so happy that we found this office! Taina is amazing and provides excellent medical care. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her examination’s. Along with this she is kind and compassionate and really takes her time. I can’t say enough good things about Direct Primary care of Boca!
    Kendall H.
    This place is so professional I don’t think I ever had any experience like thisthey detailed they taking their time and they are not rushed to get things done professional and the really good people. I had a really good experience. Thank you.
    Andor K.
    Rachel APRN is not only extremely professional but also highly compassionate and social! She is very attentive and pays attention to detail and makes you feel like you’re her #1 patient! I’m so happy I found her and I recommend her to everyone!
    jessica A.
    Direct primary care of Boca provided a caring check up and thorough diagnosis with all the necessary testing and referrals and follow ups necessary while feeling relaxed and cared for. It was truly a delightful spa-like atmosphere and experience. Rachel’s practice is a great asset to healthcare in Boca!
    susane H.
    just went in for my first appointment at DPC and everybody was amazing! very helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. highly recommend!
    Campbell A.
    I’ve been struggling to find a solid PCP since relocating to Florida but Taina Jean-Pierre, FNP exceed my expectations. She is not only a great PCP but also a great person! From the time that I walked in she made me feel very comfortable and took the time to walk through my history with me in great detail before starting the appointment. Unlike other offices where you’re rushed , time did not seem to be a factor when discussing the needed care. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I could tell my health was in great hands. I look forward to working with her to sort out my issues and work on a care plan, I definitely recommend Direct Primary Care of Boca to anyone looking to manage their health head on. I would give 10 stars if able
    Jeremiah N
    My family of 5 has been going to Rachel and her team for for about a year. It’s been The best healthcare decision we made since relocating to Florida, where doctors bills are extremely high and practices are super crowded. Not at DPC. Rachel takes the time to really know you and your concerns, and history. We have already used the telemedicine offering, and brought all the kiddos for checks ups and illnesses. The office staff exceeds expectations: always on time, returning calls, and helping with referrals when needed. The bedside manner and hospitality of the practice is comforting, familial, and gracious. Labs on site are such a plus as is affordability. Thank you all for such a great practice!
    Danielle R.
    I came to Direct Primary Care after having to forgo my health insurance due to increased financial burdens and found that not only was the office and all staff extremely professional but more attentive than any doctor or physician I’ve ever been to. Rachel took the time to go over all of my medical history, evaluate my needs for the future and assisted me in getting the proper affordable care in all of my medical needs. This was very refreshing coming from years of belonging to medical practices that treat you like another bill to be filed and instead took the time to treat me like a valued patient with care you simply can’t find anymore in the healthcare industry. I highly recommend Rachel and her staff at Direct Primary Care.
    Dayna D.
    Its easy and relatively cheap great experience
    Vinn K.
    Juliette A.
    Very polite, nice, and super professional! would definitely recommend to others!
    celia B.
    Rachel and her staff are wonderful! I never feel rushed and I always feel like I’ve gotten the best care. Rachel is a big component of preventative care, which I appreciate. Yet, she’s also quick to do further screening if there is any concern from you or from her. Although I do not live close to her office, it worth the drive for the care I receive. I highly recommend her!
    I have to say that my experience yesterday was far above what I could’ve hoped or even what I expected. I found the office to be impeccably clean. I found Rachel and Yasmin to be both unbelievably friendly, professional, meticulous and organized. I have never been to this type of practice before where it is a nurse practitioner office, but I will tell you that if you have an opportunity to try this organization, Ms. Huertes and Yasmin. I assure you that you will not find more caring individuals that do not rush. You take the time to hear what you have to say and you walk out of their feeling like they really cared about what they did. I would recommend them to Any and everyone without reservation.. The authority that they have as versus a regular doctors office is equal and every sense in my view and in 99% of any category they could be judged in I would put them several steps above. They are well spoken accommodating as I said patient and most importantly, I really did feel like they cared about the patient and I was not just a number and that they genuinely wanted to help. The society that we live in nowadays is full of all kinds of people and unfortunately a lot of times people in the medical profession seem to have a no it all personality or belief in themselves, and really don’t want to listen to what the patient has to say. They want to get you in and out can assure you, I felt like even though I go to a doctor once a year for a physical I literally asked Miss Hess if I could give her a hug before I left, she gave me to go kit which had very nice water bottle for the gym she could not have been more personable, but still maintaining professionalism and I am still in disbelief that I was fortunate enough to find them. And miss Fuentes I absolutely feel that Miner or major. You were the one for me to contact and if there is something you can’t deal with, you can refer On to the sphere of influence and contacts that you have acquired in your practice.. You Ladies are really awesome and both of your hearts are in the right place. The world is a better place for having people like you in it who genuinely care about other individuals and don’t count them just as a number.
    Barry S.
    I am so impressed with Rachel Huerta and her practice. I called at 2 pm on a Friday on a fact finding mission and ended up seeing her that same evening at 8 pm! She was personable, welcoming, and took an hour to get to know me. I never felt rushed and she calmed me down with some worries I had. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I look forward to a long relationship.
    Anamaria M.
    Amber H.
    Rachel really listens to your concerns and helps to address them. The office is clean and the entire staff are super kind and professional! I definitely recommend
    Jasmine S.
    I had an amazing experience. Rachel was kind and thorough and very helpful! She listened to all of my concerns and was very patient and professional. I was very nervous, but my check up and testing with Rachel was by far the best experience I’ve had with a medical professional!
    Stephen H.
    The entire patient experience is wonderful. For me, this is a one-stop shop as I'm able to get my lab work and medication right in the office. Dr. Huerta makes herself available to you and is VERY timely and responsive. I've always been able to get a same-day appointment. Her office is clean and comfortable (water bottles, coffee, and snacks are available as as soon as you walk in). I can't say enough good things about this practice. Dr. Huerta and her staff are knowledgeable, attentive, compassionate, and thorough-- all you can ask for when it comes to healthcare.
    I am a new patient and was impressed. Office is run efficiently and is clean. All staff are very friendly and Dr. Dare is great. She is thorough, caring and takes the time to listen to you while laying out a medical plan. I recommend this practice.
    Angelo M.
    I appreciate the calming and professional office at Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton. I never feel like a number as I have at many medical offices where you sign in and sit, and sit, and sit, until someone finally calls you in. Rachel is thorough, caring, and provides quality healthcare I really trust. Primary healthcare as it should be. Highly recommend!
    Steve C.
    I honestly recommend and support the DPC practice. Rachel is a very caring , compassionate person who treats you with such grace and care . Please share this with your friends and family . This office is like having a personal medical concierge .The team , Rachel , Kim and Yasmin are such professionals.. Thank you for such awesome care.
    Luann A.
    I have searched for years for a primary care provider who would actually listen and be supportive of me as a person as well as someone with excellent medical expertise. Direct Primary Care is just what I have been searching for! Kimberly is an excellent provider with a deep interest in treating the whole person with knowledge, expertise, and true concern for me as a person. The office is comfortable and welcoming. Yasmin drew blood effortlessly and painlessly and was a smiling face throughout my visit. Direct Primary Care is the healthcare professional team for anyone who wants quality medical care with a nurturing and caring culture.
    Theresa H.
    Dr Kimberley Dare is professional, compassionate and is there for me every time I need her. I also love having her as my primary care physician because she she takes time to follow up with me to see how I’m doing.She never makes me feel rushed and always listens to me.I am so happy to have her in my life.
    Braun B.
    Very friendly staff was welcoming and helpful. I look forward to being a member of this valuable service.
    Stephen R.
    I had a great experience from the moment I walked into the practice. It is a very personalized and comfortable setting. I highly recommend Direct primary care for all of your primary care needs.
    Davian C.
    This center of primary care is premium, from beginning to end flawless experience and top care. Like that they have monthly program that is really affordable and you get very personal care. I came today with my daughter very happy about the service. Recommended!
    Dr Yaron S.
    As new patient I had a nice experience with Rachel Huerta. I feel comfortable and confident with her!The office has a nice environment.Thank you!Soraya
    The Home Q.
    Wonderful first experience.They are very personal, professional and timely.I highly recommend this practice.
    Nicole J.
    I had my first visit with Rachel a couple of days ago and it was great. She took time to listen to all my issues and actually took care of all of them. I didn't feel rushed and I felt like she really cared. For the first time in several months I feel pretty good and it is all credited to Rachel. I'm so very happy I found someone good to take care of me. She is amazing!
    Beverly H.
    This is the first time I have felt genuinely cared for by a health care professional. Both providers I've seen here have been incredibly knowledgeable and kind. Highest quality care I have ever received at the best deal financially. It is rare to find a doctor's office like this one, I consider myself very lucky to have found Direct Primary Care of Boca.
    Hailey S.
    Great, personal family care, the way it was meant to be.
    Mark P.
    I had the best Dr. experience today while at Direct Primary Care. Met with Rachel Heurta and she’s amazing. She takes her time to listen to you and if you have any issues she looks forward to solve it. Definitely becoming a member!! She’s awesome
    Elodie A.
    The appointment was on time. The staff is wonderful, polite, on time, and cordial. Rachel is smart, thorough and caring. The business model is great especially since insurance in FL is not great. I highly recommend this health care provider!!!
    allen S.
    I hâd a very good experience with Mrs Huerta as new patient, she did a thorough exam on me, she also scheduled a test for me same day, then followed up with me, overall I am very satisfied and I recommend this office. I will definitely return to her!
    Ana L.
    Rachel Huerta is so much more than a primary care. I have never been too privy of doctors since I'm used to being rushed in and out and not being attended to fully. I trust her wholeheartedly with my care and I am able to confide in her and express my concerns and be met with absolutely no judgement. The seating area is always stocked with snacks and water and is so relaxing, clean and comforting. She's not only good at her job but is compassionate and caring to her patients. It makes it so easy for someone who works all day, every day to be able to do a quick video chat or have access to text my doctor to express any new concerns. When you have such a busy schedule it's very easy to let your health go by the wayside, so being able to shoot Rachel a quick text and have her take care of me has been a god send. I have since moved and will still travel to see Rachel. I highly recommend, whether you have insurance or not Direct Primary Care is definitely the place to go for your primary needs. Similar to what other people have posted, they really are like family and I am so thankful for them!
    Leah E
    I am so delighted that I found a wonderful (and affordable) primary care.Just had my first visit and everything was explained in layman's terms for me.I was able to ask questions and recieve complete answers.She really took time with me and made me feel heard and comfortable.Rachel was able to cure my sever psoriasis in my hands where after many various drugs with the VA could not.She suggested a few things that the VA missed too. I totally trust her with my well being.
    Bina “Bina JBXfg” B.
    This place!! This staff!! It is everything. Rachel and her husband, Jodi, were beyond accommodating and professional. The office is cute and clean, with snacks and coffee in the waiting room (yes please). Rachel saw me and asked questions about my background and indulged me endless amounts of times when I asked for more detail. They were both patient. Kind. Thoughtful. Quick and easy to communicate with. I get it, healthcare is a business, we come to you feeling not quite 100%, or bring our family to you, but we shouldn’t feel like we’ve just entered a factory. Rachel and her staff care. The staff at DPC Boca are human!! To me, this is what healthcare should be. Well done!!
    Bari K.
    Recently had my first visit at Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton with Dr. Rachael Huerta and it was a delight. She immediately made me feel very comfortable and it felt as if she had been my doctor for years, she takes time to explain things. I am very happy to have found her and connect with.Dr. Rachael Huerta and her assistant are very professional. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rachael Huerta
    Patricia V.
    Best health care provider out there! 5 Stars across the board!
    M G.
    Vivid S.
    Great experience from beginning to end. You can tell the doctor and the staff really care about their patient’s concerns; I felt listened to, not judged, and most importantly not rushed!! Very affordable and inclusive.
    Daniela C.
    Rachel Huerta is great! She listened well and did a comprehensive exam. She asked the right questions to ensure she understood the situation. Also, the primary care model is really cost effective if you don’t have insurance or if your insurance has really high deductibles. Totally recommend.
    Bruce F.
    From the moment I sat in the waiting room I could tell this place was going to be different. There’s comfortable chairs, snacks, drinks, an air filter, soothing music, a beautiful tv screen and ambient lighting. The medical assistant was very professional, efficient and kind. Rachel sat and listened to all of my concerns and involved me in our plan of care. She even did the blood draw herself for my labs. My needs were addressed, i was cared for competently, and i was heard.
    merwan F.
    Rachel Huerta NP is the best!! I went for a rash on my arm and ended up taking care of a lot more. She takes the time to actually listen and exam to find the root of the problem. If your looking for Primary care that really cares then look no further. Her and her MA. have a heart of gold.
    Mo J.
    This is a great primary care choice. They can do labs and I believe fill prescriptions on site. I highly recommend if you do not have insurance.
    Luis “sxty8chrgr” O
    Donna W.
    I was referred to Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton by a medical professional. I called their office and spoke with Yasmin, she was very efficient and polite an answered all my questions. Next, I met with Rachel Huerta, NP for my physical, she was able to get me back on track and guide me with any future examinations I may need to maintain good health. Rachel is full of knowledge, she is kind, patient and goes above and beyond. This very clean office makes everything so easy. I literally can text a question or concern and within no time I have my answer.
    Jane K.
    It was the best experience I ever had in a doctor's office. NP Rachel Huerta took her time to go over every the concern I had and explained to me how we going to address it. I would highly recommend Direct Primary Care to everyone!!!
    Elinor L.
    Rachel is wonderful! It’s been super hard for me to trust a primary care provider since moving in the states. Rachel is the best! She listens carefully and is very caring! She and her assistant do an amazing job for their patients. ✨
    Ivana P. M.
    Concierge service. But its affordable enough for everyone. Rachel takes her time with every patient. It's the way primary health care should be.
    Spencer S.