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Welcome to DPC Boca.

Personalized patient care is what sets Direct Primary Care apart. When you visit your provider, you can expect a level of care and access reminiscent of small-town America before the advent of commercialized, impersonal medicine. We make every effort to provide same-day appointments for acute care and house calls when needed. Standard clinic visits are 30 minutes and extended visits are available when needed.

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Transparent Pricing

No Co-Pays, Deductibles or Confusing Health Insurance Claims. Never again will
you be surprised by a medical bill.

Unlimited Access

Same-day or next day appointments; Virtual Appointments through our HIPPA secured App, Email, Phone or Text from Anywhere! After Hour and House Calls, when necessary.

In-House RX Dispensing

Prescription Medications Available On-Site at Wholesale Prices

Labs & Imaging

Low Cost Labs and Imaging Studies through Partnerships with Identified Groups

Clinic Hours

AFTER HOURS On-Call Service Available
for Members.

Fees & Insurance

All of our fees are up front. Labs, imaging, and medications are provided at our wholesale cost. Services are discounted up to 90% in some cases. Our goal is to provide affordable care for you and your family.

We take time with our patients. We consider each patient’s individual situation when tailoring a treatment plan to meet your healthcare needs.

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    Haven S.
    01:04 30 Nov 20
    I am lucky that I found this place. I've been going through a very hard time with my health lately, am uninsured, and not made of money. Their membership fee is very affordable.The amount of services that they offer is surprising, The doctors are professional, thorough, well equipped, and actually care. This business is clearly run by those who love what they do.
    Jordan F.
    23:18 25 Nov 20
    RUDY C
    14:51 23 Nov 20
    So glad I found this place. Service is beyond great, the staff is amazing and I left feeling much better and have confidence in the care I received. Highly recommend!
    Ashley W.
    23:16 18 Nov 20
    I am so delighted that I found a wonderful (and affordable) primary care doctor.Just had my first visit and everything was explained in layman's terms for me.I was able to ask questions and recieve complete answers.She really took time with me and made me feel heard and comfortable.
    Bina B.
    21:31 04 Nov 20
    Very friendly staff was welcoming and helpful. I look forward to being a member of this valuable service.
    Stephen R.
    21:21 04 Nov 20
    So happy to have found them, specially since I don’t have insurance. They’re super affordable and it gives me such a peace of mind to know that I can go to the doctor’s whenever I have the need to without worrying about the cost. Dr. Roshini Singh is amazing. She’s interested in getting to know her patients and so attentive too. And the staff is so friendly, so glad to have found them. If you’re looking for a new pcp around Boca, this is it!!
    Romy P.
    19:05 18 Oct 20
    Susana R.
    23:48 17 Oct 20
    Kate R.
    13:47 09 Oct 20
    This office has been nothing but a great expierence. We have a buisness plan with then through our company and it’s at a great discounted rate. Rachel and Sabrina are constantly there to assist with any matter at anytime even after hours. I would highly recommend them for any type of medical treatment.Rachel will sit with you thoroughly and go over every little single thing with you so you have understandings of everything going on. Also they have a passport to get your results online right away after they receive it back to their office.Amazing staff they are like family.
    Lisa L.
    20:50 07 Oct 20
    The best labor delivery hospital around. The staff was awesome. Took care of all the needs of the family. Thank you staff you guys do an awesome job.
    Hamel S.
    09:54 03 Oct 20
    The experience has been great. Thank you for being so awesome.
    Tracy P.
    21:11 01 Oct 20
    Great practice offering prompt & efficient services. I called Practioner Roshini Singh because I was concerned about being exposed to covid-19. She explained the Serology Testing to me, got me an appointment next day and results the following day ( test was negative BTW) - that was super fast...love it! Results was emailed to me that same day in addition to a confirmation call from her... I definitely would recommend this business!
    Veronica P.
    18:42 01 Oct 20
    Great practice that actually takes the time to listen to your concerns. I had the pleasure of seeing Roshini Singh (via televisit) who was very personable and professional. She’s a great Nurse Practitioner who was empathetic to my concerns and showed a great deal of care. The app was easy to use and over all a great experience for me. Highly recommended!
    Sabrina K.
    18:00 28 Sep 20
    I couldn’t be happier with the services of Direct Primary Care. I know they care about the health of their patients when they respond quickly to my calls and spend the time to follow up with me. In these times it is not often that you find people who see you as an individual and extend themselves so graciously to help you. If you want personal exceptional healthcare, I suggest you give DPC a try!
    Diane S.
    08:42 25 Sep 20
    Concierge service. But its affordable enough for everyone. Rachel takes her time with every patient. It's the way primary health care should be.
    Spencer S
    03:42 25 Sep 20
    Rachel is amazing! Incredible and thorough care and very relaxing, welcoming environment.
    Grace C.
    02:26 25 Sep 20
    Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton is the epitome of great all around health care. They are always available whether it be by text, phone, video conferencing, or in person. They really take the time to listen to you and review and find things that others might miss. I have never had a bad experience. I highly recommend them.
    Dara S.
    23:42 24 Sep 20
    I checked myself out because I couldn't trust their unprofessional doctors. Their lack of humanity and compassion shows deeply in the way they treat their patients. Or should I say there for lack of. Left in the restroom for 20 minutes in a wheelchair.. left alone in my room crying for help . If you want to die come here...
    Angelina R.
    12:22 24 Sep 20
    Per my first visit and experience with DPC, hands down very thorough and good bedside manner. Love it!
    Fawn C.
    14:50 03 Sep 20
    Dr. Huerta is truly a caring healthcare professional. My mother was referred here for afforable care. This was the first time she felt heard and cared for by a Healthcare provider. The quality of medicine was excellent and detailed. It was affordable and we were able to have her labs completed without worrying about affordability. Truly a great medical experience
    Sasha G
    16:49 20 Aug 20
    Rachel is God sent. Such an amazing provider. Truly cares about patients and giving affordable health care to the community. You couldn't be in better hands. Her staff goes above and beyond to make sure you aren't in the same area as others. So clean and welcoming.
    Savana F.
    02:00 14 Aug 20
    De L.
    02:27 12 Aug 20
    Dr. Huerta is a constant professional. Her staff is very friendly and helpful, The office is clean, and welcoming to new patients. I felt the doctor really listened to my concerns and helped work on the best resolution and care. Prior primary care doctors I saw felt detached and would feel as if I was talking to a wall. Dr. Huerta who is very attentive with her patients, is the best primary care doctor I have seen. I highly recommend Dr. Huerta and direct primary care.
    Michael S.
    02:05 06 Aug 20
    I found doctor Singh to be very attentive, intelligent, and interested in providing me with the options for the best health care staying within the budget.The staff all introduce themselves, there was no wait for my appointment, my initial appointment lasted well over an hour covering just about everything. The in-house Pharmacy had what I needed at a reasonable price. My overall evaluation of direct Primary Care Boca Raton is that I would recommend this to anyone wishing to find an excellent Primary Care Clinic at a most reasonable value in today's Healthcare Market.
    John W.
    17:42 28 Jul 20
    Roshini is an outstanding PCP who is absolutely brilliant and very friendly. Sabrina at the front desk was so warm and welcoming when she checked me in. This office is very clean and gorgeous. If you want to feel heard, understood, and confident that you will be receiving the best care in Boca, I highly recommend DPC!
    Mary G.
    20:27 23 Jul 20
    Initial appt was great. office is clean. They take their time to get to know you. they asked many questions and allowed me to ask away. Recommended.
    21:03 22 Jul 20
    This place is awesome. Much different than your traditional experience but in a better way. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to what I'm used to in NY. Highly recommend them to anyone.
    Jeffrey S.
    20:43 17 Jul 20
    Great experience for the first time in a long time with a medical office. Rachel was thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable with a great bedside manner. The office has great communication and their website is easy to navigate. A great value for excellent care.
    Nancy F.
    22:10 15 Jul 20
    Emanuel D.
    10:22 11 Jul 20
    I moved down from Massachusetts and I was so scared about looking for another doctor After having the same one for 22 years. Going to the office it was quick to get called and roshini listened to every single word I had to say and was able to help me and figure out what’s going on with me, Couldn’t have asked for a better doctor!
    Jackie M.
    00:50 11 Jul 20
    I am so happy I signed up for Direct Primary Care. I had an incredible first visit with Rachel Huerta today. She is so personable, thorough and informative. She took her time to get to know me. I feel very comfortable with her and confident that she will keep me healthy. The office is immaculate and I highly recommend. I wish I had done this sooner!
    Mindi A.
    19:05 07 Jul 20
    Everyone is just AMAZING they are very attentive , very kind and patient.
    Wilna M.
    00:51 04 Jul 20
    Becoming a patient at Direct Primary Care is the best decision I have made after moving to a new state. The time they take to get to a treatment plan and resources that are provided without asking is why I will always be a part of the amazing program. The monthly fee which gives me access to video chat, 24 hour care via text, and no copay as many times as I want to visit the office makes me feel as I have a new support group there for me all the time!
    Maisaa Z.
    17:46 03 Jul 20
    Reggae Flo I.
    18:52 01 Jul 20
    Rachel is kind, professional, and patient. She always takes the time to educate me on procedures, tests, lab results, and my options. Pricing is very transparent and can be found easily on her website. I feel very lucky to have a practitioner like Rachel in my area who I trust. She always makes every visit a positive experience.
    Shana S.
    14:41 01 Jul 20
    Wonderful experience. Direct Primary Care worked around my schedule in these times of uncertainty. Providing fast extraordinary service.
    Joel A.
    16:19 26 Jun 20
    Very clean and comfortable atmosphere, Rachel Huerta is absolutely amazing! She takes the time to get to know you on a personal level as well as going through multiple questions to know your medical history and concerns. I am so happy and excited to have found her. Very strongly suggest Rachel Huerta if your looking for someone who truly cares about you as a person and looks at the whole picture!
    crystal G.
    20:08 22 Jun 20
    Tony C.
    19:25 22 Jun 20
    Shirley P.
    22:14 19 Jun 20
    Rachel is quick, knowledgeable and responsive! I recommend this service for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. She is fantastic!
    Frank H.
    15:49 16 Jun 20
    By far the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a healthcare provider! Personalized service, no waiting, and never once did I feel rushed. Roshini was extremely caring and easy to talk to. This is healthcare the way it should be!
    daniel C.
    20:25 08 Jun 20
    The best clinic that I've visited in Boca Raton. The people are sooo caring and take time to understand everything about you. It's rare very rare to find practitioners like this. I don't even live in the US but this service worth flying thousands of miles.😊 I recommend that you sign up and enjoy all of the benefits they provide.
    Myriame 1.
    23:50 07 Jun 20
    Pamela C.
    20:56 11 Mar 20
    Incredibly knowledgeable and affordable. Great service and very responsive. My wife and I feel completely safe and taken care of knowing we have Rachel and DirectPrimaryCare on our side.
    Mike V.
    17:16 02 Mar 20
    Everything was just great, from the medical assistant to Rachel. They both took time to interact with you and listen to your concerns and to help you get get better. The atmosphere was great and also great value for great quality service. I would defdefinit consider going there instead of a regular clinic.
    valery N.
    19:08 20 Feb 20
    My wife and I were a little skeptical about switching to Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton. We were pleasantly surprised and both very happy with the results. The staff was welcoming and friendly and the office clean and comfortable. Unlike most medical offices, where you're waiting with multiple people, frustrated with the long wait, we found the wait minimal if at all. Rachel is a caring and friendly NP and spent a hour with each of us, getting to know us, our concerns and family history. She reviewed and explained in detail our test results, making suggestions and referrals where needed. Scheduling an appointment was quick and easy. In fact, my wife was sick over the Christmas holiday and Rachel meet her at the office on her day off. The ability to get most prescriptions at a very affordable rate before you leave is a great benefit. Until you experience this for yourself, it may hard to understand what this new type of medical care is like. The monthly cost is so affordable, it's obvious Rachel's main concern is helping and caring for those with medical needs. We have recommended DPC to so many of our family and friends and highly recommend giving it a try.
    Jeffri F.
    12:52 12 Feb 20
    margie H.
    13:50 10 Feb 20
    I’ve got my first appointment the same day and ever since DPC always responds to me within minutes and have a visit promptly if needed. If you want personal, professional, fast and kind service try them. You’ll also get a lot of services and drugs without the ‘middle men’...
    1 L.
    18:54 07 Feb 20
    I am changing my review to 2 stars. I had not been to the office for a visit for at least 4-5 months, maybe more. Each month I paid $60ish for the membership fee. On the month that I decided to cancel the membership I requested that they please not process that months payment as I had a very difficult month financially. They were not willing to do it even though I had just paid at least $240 for the previous months for them to do absolutely nothing for me.They care more about the money than the patient. I will definitely not return.
    lupita M.
    21:34 21 Jan 20